Tabula loop – the first summer event on the AA terraces by Antoine Vaxelaire, Ariadne Barthe & Eleanor Dodman http://t.co/Q4TkiBoOGL

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Planning Ceramica Cumella, AAVS Lyon + AAVS Paris with Nasrine Seraji, Marie-Perrine Plaçais & Stephanie Chaltiel. http://t.co/RhSyFHAiqD

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AAVS Slovenia : Day 6 in Ljubljana http://t.co/Z3pV7APUNX

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Edited by E. Sean Bailey and Erandi de Silva (AADipl 2009)


AA Summer School 2014 begins with unit introductions at 4 Morwell street http://t.co/IHniPcBHlM

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The launch of #AAXX: celebrating a centenary of women in architecture http://t.co/gE7CbNKfoO

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Over the next week, as the academic year comes to an end, we will publish excerpts of the 5 honours-winning projects! http://t.co/z4eV94U7PZ

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