AA Conversations is a microsite that collects and communicates the many different conversations occurring within the school. From lectures to events to research to projects, the website is a platform for disseminating the ideas being discussed at the Architectural Association. The site aims to combine the editorial quality present in print journalism with the rapid output and immediacy of information that the internet provides.

The different types of conversations that occur within the AA are organised into 6 article types:

Profiles: dissecting personalities and organisations within or visiting the AA

Interviews: transcribing discussions between members of the AA community

Reviews: analysing events, texts, projects and exhibitions

Opinions: narrating events from a particular, often personal, perspective

Excerpts: snapshots from images, texts and design or research projects in progress

Edits: Weekly summaries of events happening in and around the AA with one selected as an unmissable event to attend

In order to allow for the rapid updates required of a web-based platform, there is an integrated Twitter account – @AAConverse and all articles are broadcasted to this account as well as our facebook and instagram channels, and the main AA homepage to allow the themes and topics to be widely disseminated. 

By commissioning thoughtful content on a regular basis, AA Conversations is an extension of the many types of discourse that exist within the AA.

Editor and Founder: Manijeh Verghese, AADipl(Hons)2012
Editorial Assistant 2015–17: Tané Kinch, AADipl2017
Editorial Assistant 2017–18: Emily Priest, AADipl2018