AN HOUR IN LONDON: A Grand Narrative of Fragments Excerpt

Summer School 2018 – Unit 2
Taught by Eleanor Dodman, AA Dipl2014 & Tobias Jewson, AA Dipl2013

AN HOUR IN LONDON: A Grand Narrative of Fragments

07 August 2018
Architectural Association, London


During the three weeks of Summer School 2018, Unit 2 trawled social media. We foraged and hacked for narrative fragments dispersed through the ether. Focusing on a single place (Trafalgar Square) and a single hour (2–3 PM, 4 July 2018) we created a snapshot.


We sought to expand the way in which we engage with site, not relying on our own first-hand experience but instead tapping into the feed of shared and endlessly repeated experiences, already recorded and transmitted online.


Unit 2 collaged, overlaid and re-framed the fragments into a grand narrative, re-told through the medium of a stained glass window. The window served as a mediator between the narrative insta(nt) and centuries-old craft.


By freezing a snapshot of the feed in the form of a stained glass window — the classical medium of enduring stories — we revealed a narrative which lies between the fragments. A story of a space that seems to fluctuate between the actual, the digital and back again.



Tutors: Eleanor Dodman & Tobias Jewson
Guests: Graham Baldwin & Stefan Laxness
Students: Juliane Cruz, Miguel Feliciano, Kinjal Gajera, Dimitra Giannikopoulou, Archita Gupta, Chloe Lim, Alison Mair, Huiheng Mao, Rhea Pai, Hanquan Shen, Anushritha Sunil, Chunfeng Yang, Temitope Yusuf


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