CHAINSAW CHOREOGRAPHIES: The 2016 Robotic Fabrications Visiting School Excerpt

by Emmanuel Vercruysse & Zachary Mollica, AA Robotic Fabrications Visiting School

03 June 2016
Hooke Park, Dorset


The Robotic Fabrications Visiting School is a series of architectural experiments led by director Emmanuel Vercruysse at the AA’s satellite campus in Hooke Park, Dorset. As the full-time home of the Design + Make programme, Hooke Park is a laboratory for architectural research through 1:1 fabrication. Participants will have the opportunity to inhabit this unique environment combining forest, studio, workshop and building site. Merging expert knowledge of timber construction with cutting-edge robotic fabrication technologies we explore the creative potential of prototyping complex and large-scale timber structures with digital tools.


This year, our research will be aimed towards the construction of a temporary foundry building. Chainsaw Choreographies will explore the precision, petrol-fuelled territory where code meets machinery – the chainsaw gaining an augmented level of precision and control when wielded by the large Kuka KR150 robot.


Throughout, we will investigate the ancient craft and traditions of Japanese joinery to inform our Chainsaw Choreographies. These principles will undergo a digital interpretation – and while preserving the poetry, ritual and sensitivity, be translated into highly choreographed movement patterns and tool-paths for the robot.


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27 July – 5 August
Robotic Fabrications Visiting School:
Chainsaw Choreographies


Director: Emmanuel Vercruysse
Tutors: Pradeep Devadass, Gary Edwards, Zachary Mollica


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