by George Massoud, AA 5th Year
Diploma Unit 9


9 November 2012

Architectural Association, London


The project deals with the form and the event


The Form and Conversation

A form of conversation and intersection, Conical Intersect II is a series of holes that expose and compress conflicting spaces and times. Bedford Square was built in 1780 as an upper middle class residential area and is one of the best preserved set pieces of Georgian architecture in the UK today. Only 2 buildings on the square are not listed grade I buildings and interestingly enough only one building is used for its original function whilst the others are used as schools, offices or clinics. There is a constant internal reconfiguration as the buildings struggle to meet the demands of the 21st century. The development and expansion of the AA is what is being questioned. The project involves the politics of buildings approaching their social exhaustion: we begin to question the relevance of this historical fabric in our ever-changing built environment.


The Event and its Record

The event deals with two realms: the real and the fictional. What is added, what is removed and what remains of the installation are questioned. The event and its memory are the two issues at hand. The evidence that exists is what makes it a reality, however the recording is fictional. In our modern society everything is recorded – if it is not recorded then it did not happen – we have a mediated parallel. I am setting up an event that in fact never existed in reality but its fictional evidence makes its existence ambiguous – we question the nature of what is real and what is in fact fiction. If the event doesn’t exist as a recording then it doesn’t exist at all.


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