Making with Madelon (Vriesendorp) today – the AA lecture hall is transformed into a crafts space! #PublicProgramme http://t.co/nX2H8CQ1nZ

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Last night’s lecture on Public vs. Private housing in London – a terrific panel and a great start to the series! http://t.co/G39bVdcG74

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The launch of SQM: The Quantified Home at the AA http://t.co/4kY5faD5iW

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Dinner with some legends following a great talk about The Culture of Performance & the legacy of Mark Fisher @ the AA http://t.co/SItEoym98N

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by Antonis Papamichael, AADipl2014
Diploma Unit 14


AA Students and Staff: don’t forget to vote in the referendum online or in the bar – today is the last day so please VOTE!

8:18 AM 12 Dec 14