Happy Christmas -wishing everyone good conversations over the break! http://t.co/jZxnqLry4a

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Trance Tribal Christmas – Are You Ready??? http://t.co/C1uAT1jDtR

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Warming up for tonight http://t.co/KosbZaLfKp

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Dont forget – #AAChristmasParty – Trance Tribal Christmas – this Friday in the Lecture Hall from 8pm onwards http://t.co/UQAB8VzVkQ

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“Bunk(bed)s are like storage for children” – Neave Brown on maximising space in small houses

6:55 PM 03 Dec 13


“In 1950 it was very daring to say you liked modern art; it was very very daring to say you liked modern architecture!” – Neave Brown

6:28 PM 03 Dec 13


Neave Brown in conversation with Mark Swenarton (another version of which will appear in the next AA Files) http://t.co/zyPevrcwDV

BalHADLIUAEsFpP 6:12 PM 03 Dec 13


Elias in First Year designs an office for AA Conversations as part of their 5-week brief to reimagine the AA http://t.co/iKwULs3Au6

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Bangkok Visiting School — coming up! http://t.co/JKRfrsdGvU

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