Bangkok Visiting School — coming up! http://t.co/JKRfrsdGvU

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“I can’t work in the morning – my mind is too clear. I’m a great believer in confusion and the subconscious” Colomina on working at night

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“Architectural practice is not just about building. It’s about discourse, conversations and a platform for exploring ideas” @_Beatrice

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Breakfast with Bea (@_Beatrice and Beatriz Colomina) by MissMag in Studio 2 at the AA http://t.co/2Viti71toq

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by Arabella Maza, AA 5th Year
(originally published in AArchitecture 20)


It’s in! ‘Ceramica Cumella’ available at the AA Bookstore (32 Bedford Square) and at: aabookshop.net. http://t.co/tOfvwQtsdV

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