“With great power comes great responsibility” AA student presentations to summer school #spidermanquote http://t.co/I2iJnOTj59

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Check out one of the stunning 3D scans from the Ottawa VS. For others look-up Post-Industrial Landscapes on Facebook. http://t.co/1HXh8ElynT

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Mexico City Final Jury: Friday, 5/7 @ 14:30.
Location: Centro Cultural de España en México. Metro L2 Allende/Zócalo http://t.co/NNhbmv63g0

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Format Issue 3: Reality http://t.co/E2r9EDIuav

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On site in Mexico City — to follow the workshop see AA Mexico City Visiting School on Facebook. http://t.co/l0MPjQPffl

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The Strawberry Tables 2013 – radioactive strawberries – designed by intermediate unit 11 #psychedelic http://t.co/EmGL8oLPLb

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A summer of global architectural experimentation kicks off on Monday with Kirk Wooller’s ‘Campaigning Architecture’ at 36 Bedford Square.

7:40 AM 20 Jun 13


Sarah W, Mary B, Keller e, Emmanuel P and Elia Z out back on Morwell St. Examiners arriving this evening. http://t.co/OKtxnhN6D5

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For the next four days, we will be publishing each of the projects that received the AA’s highest award: Diploma Honours

8:20 AM 17 Jun 13