Athens this afternoon — AAVS Final Jury http://t.co/kpCHhPjJug

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Frederic Amat in FM Madrid http://t.co/658gGXNrbe

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by Karl Karam (AA 5th Year) and Jonas Zukauskas (AA 4th Year)
Diploma Unit 11


Interested in a student assistantship at AA Digital Platforms? If you are adept at web-editing then send work samples to aadp@aaschool.ac.uk

11:34 AM 06 Mar 13


Conversations chocolates courtesy of Valerie Bennett! They even hv the same colour scheme #choconversations http://t.co/NoTCOxZqt7

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Dont miss tomorrows talk by Takako Hasegawa, Barbara Campbell-Lange, Dominique Mercy & Peter Pabst on Tanztheater Wuppertal #Pina #AAlecture

4:24 PM 19 Feb 13