by Frederik Bo Bojesen (AADipl 2013) Diploma Unit 10
05 November 2013 Architectural Association, London   I wasn’t really meant to come to the AA. I think that was the first thought I had when asked what it means to have been awarded the Pozner Prize (obviously great!!). After finishing Carpentry I applied to my dream school; the Royal Danish Academy. And was rejected. Twice. Then David Greene and Valentin took pity on me and brought me into the AA, something I still don’t really understand but very much appreciate.   5 years later, I found myself in 5th year with Carlos (Villaneuva Brandt) in Dip 10. Once again I had pitched a feeble attempt of a drawing. As always Carlos observed (is that a smile?). Considered (oh no it’s a frown?). And delivered (….):   “No.” (sigh)   I think that is what I learned from the AA. It is never finished, it is never complete, it is never perfect – and when I won the award I couldn’t help think “but there are so many things missing?” So this drawing is an attempt. It is a section showing five spaces where two proposed (physical) levels of the city connect. As part of a project entitled Escaping Super Gravity – the drawing is a response to 5 years in London and 5 years of wanting to escape its dense ground plane.   In one way, it feels peculiar to win an award for a part of a project (like being praised for the pocket of a jacket), but as the drawing (like most student work) shows only segments of a space, rather than any totality of a project, it seems strangely appropriate. Ultimately it is simply deeply gratifying, that some of all the knowledge and skill surrounding us at the AA somehow rubbed off and stuck.   For more information: Frederik Bo Bojesen on Projects Review 2012-13 Diploma 10 Unit Brief