AA Conversations selects one unmissable event for you to attend this week
15 December 2014 Architectural Association, London   As this term and calendar year come to an end, the unmissable event of this week would have to be the AA's annual Christmas Party. Organised by Intermediate Unit 12 and Student Forum, this year's theme is Copy & Paste. Taking inspiration from our favourite computerised commands (shortcut: ctrl+c, ctrl+v), the party invites you to celebrate the double, multiple and identical. In the style of Warhol's iconic silk-screened clones, come dressed as a copy of a famous figure, your tutor, the archetypal AA student, or join together and dress as multiples. Upon entering the space, you will exist in a field of repetition, feasting on a banquet of sameness, copying and pasting ad nauseum ad infinitum. It will be Christmas pushed to an new extreme.   As for the other events this week, the Public Programme for the term ended last week to make way for end of year juries and unit trips. If you have time to spare, and aren't already far, far away from Bedford Square, drop in on some of these juries (see Events List for details) and check out the posters dotted around the school for the exciting Term 2 line-up of lectures, book launches and events in 2015.