Summer School 2014 Unit 4 Taught by Esteban Salcedo & David Archilla
25 August 2014 Architectural Association, London   In the margin of unbuilt atmospheres we find opportunities for intense experiences. We abandon the idea of an architecture that is meant to be built with typically heavy materials. Sound, euphoria, vibration, scent, people's movement or live projections of what is happening inside, contribute to the definition of that atmosphere where enjoyment levels are at an all-time high. Then the students led their own process along their pleasure footpath.   Three events: a cultural evening at the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, another about nocturnal leisure in some of the most legendary clubs in London and finally the immense collective euphoria in the final match of the football World Cup, generated a new map of London's hedonism.   The students researched and found unbuilt treasures such as Powell & Moya's Skylon for the Festival of Britain (1951); they visited and were seduced by masterpieces such as London Zoo's Aviary by Cedric Price (1963); they studied and experimented with minimal systems like Buckminster Fuller’s Tensegrity; they created their own world of luxury interferences: Marina Abramovich, Sophie Calle, Jenny Holzer, Rioji Ikeda and so many others; and finally, in an exercise of critical and experimental positioning, the students assumed the risk, took colourful and celebratory materials and attempted to build the hacienda.     For more information: Summer School 2014 - The Unbuilt Summer School 2014 Unit 4 Brief Summer School 2014 Unit 4 Blog Students: Margherita De Angelis, Zoya Gul Hasan, Gurpal Singh Kular, Binwei Joshua Lee, Bayan Mahmood, María Marco Balgoma, Kailiang Ong, Enrique Sánchez Gallardo,  Francesc Sòria Castellet, Francisco Valenzuela Suarez.