by Tae Hyuk Kim, AA 5th Year Founder of AA eXchange
04 December 2014 South Jury Room, Architectural Association   eXchange is student-led open-fast-informal cross unit crit. Any students can join at any time during the eXchange; Skype included. eXchange emphasises a basic way of learning. eXchange is a counter to the hierarchic system of learning. We do not believe in a mastermind. Everybody is part of the dialogue, and we learn from each other. We take turns to start a conversation. Everyone discusses, debate, engages and interacts. Although a conclusion is not necessary, we will be building collective knowledge. To gather together over food or drink while discussing ideas is a very significant part of the ethos of eXchange. Thus we will provide wine as long as the dialogue keeps flowing. We hope you will join us for this exchange of ideas.   The first meeting of AA eXchange will be on Friday, 5 December from 2pm onwards in the South Jury Room (off the Lecture Hall)   If you have any questions please email exchange@aaschool.ac.uk