Uncovering the Factory in Nature
23 June 2014 Architectural Association, London   The project addresses our relationship with nature by exploring the scenario of an alternative form of industry that becomes the driver for both human and environmental growth.   Discovering that salt-marsh ecosystems have the ability to perform like factories has framed the project as a factory of the future that uses the marsh as the embodiment of the factory’s form, infrastructure and main method of production.   The ecosystem therefore becomes the factory.   In developing this idea and speculating on its feasibility, environmental impact and architectural implications, I have been involved in numerous interesting conversations with AA tutors, engineers, biologists and physicists.   The Honours presentation provided me with an opportunity to share the results of some of these exciting brainstorms and through that, broadened and enriched the discussion around the project.   It was a privilege to be awarded honours and it is impossible not to recognise the amount of work, dedication and fondness that we all put into our projects. Being nominated and receiving the award has given me the energy and support to keep working on materialising the ideas developed this year in my future work.   For more information: Diploma 18 Unit Brief   [caption id="attachment_3295" align="alignnone" width="360"]Ioana presenting for AA Honours Image credit: Eduardo Andreu Gonzalez Ioana presenting for AA Honours
Image credit: Eduardo Andreu Gonzalez[/caption]