Large Sub Pixel Array
25 June 2015 Architectural Association, London   We are here to visit a new type of site, the landscape of the Large Sub Pixel Array: LSPA. Join me as we go on a journey through a landscape formed within the screen, a landscape at the scale of the sub pixel, a landscape familiar to us all but through which we rarely walk.   It is a landscape I have designed to exist within the thickness of the LCD screen.   The pixel has replaced the focal point of perspective drawings, not just as a filter through which we see the world, but also as the very ground on which our reality is constructed. The resolution of the screen has becomes a measure of a new kind of truth. This shift creates a new site, a new type of space and experience. A form of tourism opposed to hidden folders, LSPA captures and re-draws those souvenirs.   The day of the honours presentations is one I will always remember but I would like to take this opportunity to express my immense gratitude for the support of the Unknown Fields Division. My project would not have been possible without these extraordinary friends and tutors.   For more information: Diploma 6 Unit Brief AA Honours on AA Conversations