Confluence A strategy for the archaeological excavations and development of Convoys wharf

22 June 2017 Architectural Association, London   This is a project about the meeting of eras; the slowly exposed remnants of past dockyard structures, revealed by years of archaeology. And the fast paced comparatively short-lived new developments of large scale housing. They meet in this project at ground level; this level defines the territory of the investigation into this unique site. A place existing +10 meters above sea level and -10 meters below. A place generated from 1513 until 2000 and then degenerated before re-generation.   Places that demand not to be lost are exposed for the first time to the city at large for the first time in their existence. Those people that demanded are free to explore these places for the first time in 500 years and allowed to appreciate all that the place has to offer without displacing the creations of contemporary society.   I am incredibly lucky that during my time at the school, every year has thrown up some surprise that far exceeds my expectations. Honours has been the final highlight of an amazing 5 years; thanks entirely to the great friends, teachers and staff who have all been there to help me through all the up and downs that we all go through. I thank all the people who have tried to teach me something while I keep falling back into the same ideas. I am certain something got through because I think things are changing slightly, and will continue to change as me and all those graduating are unleashed upon the world to continue what we are doing, slightly changed, and hopefully sometimes together, into the years to come.   For more information:

Diploma 11 Unit Brief

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