C24 – A landscape of light and darkness for a commune of resistance


22 June 2018 Architectural Association, London


C24 is a primordial landscape for living together. A permanent home for a community of a 100, a house for many who all voluntarily choose to exclude themselves from society. Within this space they come together to share new, perfected ways of being in the world – performing mundane, quotidian acts defined by the sun – resting, eating, sleeping - as a form of collective resistance against and freedom from the pervasive technological exploitation and control in our everyday lives.


A domestic space defined solely by the inhabitant’s migration across the landscape, movement within is not prescribed but only triggered by changing light conditions – from increased luminosity to dark shade – where spatial conditions always synchronize circadian rhythms through their use and occupation.


A foam-like ground as a continuous bed surface allowing for dozing and drowsing through the entire space, certain moments in the daily life of the inhabitants are shared. While meal times become occasions to gather for the conviviality of eating, all lying down to rest as being nourished, at the fall of the day they make their way to the dunes covered in complete black darkness to perform the act of sleeping together – celebrated as the ultimate form of resistance and freedom from any technological exploitation, night by night, waiting for a new day to come.


To find words to describe what receiving honours means is truly an impossible task - as I already felt the luckiest to have spent these great years here, with all of you. Tutors and friends as one could never hope for, without whom this surely would have never ever been possible. Thank you, for everything.

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