AAIR: “Live from the secret room” Excerpt

by Lingxiu Chong, Patrick Morris and James Ancich AA 4th years, AAir
AAIR: “Live from the secret room”
24 January 2014 AA Bar, London   The AA Independent Radio (AAIR) is back online at radio.aaschool.ac.uk.   Can we pick up where we left off? In its previous run from 2005-2011, AAIR played a generous host to the various sounds and voices that passed through the school. The resultant collection of interviews, soundbites and moments shared can now be accessed on the site or by request.   “Chaos, watermelon, clocks, everything…” AAIR is a common space for students and friends of the school to share audio materials with one another; a student-run platform to cut across the streams of consciousness that traverse the AA and its far-flung reaches.   Friday Nights Live: The AAIR team and friends will host music sessions in the Bar every Friday until further notice – join us for a drink and suggest a song. Tonight’s session Airmotions^2 is a collaboration with AA Motion Studio and the ongoing ‘Fast Fast Forward’ exhibition.   Open Call: We want to hear from you – tell us something, take us somewhere. Send in your sounds or any thoughts to radio@aaschool.ac.uk   “Speak your own time, child. Sing about your own time.”   Quotes from the film I’m Not There, directed by Todd Haynes   For more information: AAIR's website AA Motion Studio Fast Fast Forward Exhibition