Edited by Eleanor Dodman (AA 4th Year), Roland Shaw (AA 4th Year) and Radu Macovei (AA 2nd Year)
14 January 2013 Architectural Association, London   AArchitecture is a journal published every term, edited and written by the AA Community.   This edition of AArchitecture aims to question the different roles that research, or the lack thereof, plays within the AA at the time in the academic year traditionally devoted to this task. From tutors to students, librarians to magicians, each one has a very different interpretation of what is meant by research and its use within the architectural discourse of the AA. Research manifests itself differently across the school as the variety of standpoints within this issue attests.   To contribute to the next issue, email AArchitecture@aaschool.ac.uk   For more information: AArchitecture 18 pdf