ARCHITECTURE & ECRITURE: The 2016 AA Paris Visiting School Excerpt

Caroline Rabourdin introduces the work of Michel Butor and invites you to register for the AA PARIS Visiting School next month (1-10 July)
ARCHITECTURE & ECRITURE: The 2016 AA Paris Visiting School
27 June 2016 Villa Vassilieff, Paris   In 1972 Michel Butor proposes to create a new science called Iterology. Closely linked to literature, it would observe and analyse human travels. Of all sorts.   If the proposition reads like an outline, Butor’s extensive oeuvre itself is an allegory of his own movement across the planet: having lived and taught in many countries, he writes of a city from another one. He wrote Passage de Milan, a study on Paris, when he was in England, whilst L’emploi du Temps, which is set in England, was written in Paris and in Greece. Phenomenological, surrealist, post-structuralist perhaps, but above all literary in all its forms, Butor’s work is an artistic endeavour.   During the PARIS Visiting School, Mireille Calle-Gruber, professor at the Sorbonne Nouvelle, will talk about the work of this extraordinarily prolific writer, citizen of the world and relentless traveller, whose sensitivity and ability to write about the mobile phenomenon makes him one of the most important contemporary writers for spatial literature today.   For more information: Visit the AAVS Paris microsite Apply to AAVS Paris Read the AAVS Paris brief Like AAVS Paris on Facebook