Summer School 2018 – Unit 6 Taught by Ana Maria Nicolaescu, AADipl2018 & Sebastian Tiew, AADipl2018
11 August 2018 Architectural Association, London   Bubblebust! is a game set in a forest that is inhabited by one protagonist. The character runs around with no apparent goal, supposedly away from or towards the edge of a bubble that might or might never pop.   As it runs, it wonders about what the world in 2018 really is, what it means to be human and other such existential questions. It cannot stop itself from feeling a bit sad, but then again it concludes that it is all quite funny in the end:   “The body got rejected – maybe due to an incompatible blood type. The cloud required a different permission. The body logged out” “Behind the concrete walls, one would find a golden glass lobby – but in Slow BIM City no one has access” “Retweeted users or those followed by a few- scroll and stroll on User’s Boulevard of Twitter” “Surveillance eyes still roam here, in the shape of eyes plucked out of a database head. Is our independence achievable here, as we travel through bubble skin?” “It seems as though something in the maze always slips. The question becomes more unclear, as resolutions collapse.” “A Safe House, database, history book, secret: in the cave, a country can exist inside another – or at least stored and managed with a set of reinvented protocols” “Between words, emotions and expressions, a landmark site in the development of the history of communication is being built: a conversation between man today and an ape is possible.” “First rule of the digital no man’s land, a land inhabited by a crazy Zumthor Fanatic: No fake textures. Only original material.” “Panning is not an action, but identified as one of the spaces of the body in 3d” “There! A spherical tree filled with waste! An orb like landfill of pixels, UV maps, textures and particle systems.” “Photos become QR codes – unreadable to the human eye. Human bias is eliminated: A flamingo toy, a flamingo glass, a kitchen and a dog, a dog and a family gathering, a bedroom and a lonely man, a jail cell…”   Credits: Tutors: Ana Maria Nicolaescu & Sebastian Tiew Students: Cemre Demirci, Lynn-Sacha Hanna, Apeksha Jain, Xinjie Jiang, Serranur Kayikci, Melody Lee, Larissa Reismann, Benedikt Seifert, Rita Wang, Celine Xu, Jun Zhou Many thanks to David Lam and Sophie Lanigan; also to our friends Chong Yan Chuah, Joshua Harskamp, Moad Musbahi, Zsuzsa Peter and Nathan Su   For more information:

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Unit 6: Bubblebust! Brief

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