by Lorenz Adriaens, AA 3rd Year Intermediate Unit 13
17 January 2013 Architectural Association, London   My starting point was generated by an interest in how people escape everyday life. How can escape be a way of dealing with or surviving within a system? My research investigates how people use the “void” as a mechanism of escaping reality - how every system needs a backdoor. For example: daydreaming, drugs, fantasy, cigarette breaks, costume parties, online worlds, meditation, … all these are examples of how human beings enter their own personal void.   Our site, the Isle of Dogs, is a diverse place in London that is filled with contrasts. It is where one of the most intense economic areas of Europe is situated - Canary Wharf. By projecting my interest on this site I ended up researching office spaces. The phenomenon of escape is deeply rooted within this place. In many cases the office core as a spatial structure is used as the generator of escape. Through my project, I want create a discussion about reinventing or rethinking cores and how they may capture the void as more than just a rational structure of supply.