by Ao Tan, AA Foundation
15 March 2013 AA Foundation Studios, London   For the two week film project in Foundation this term, my words were Existence and Transition. My core idea was that every human being exists since they were born, and the process of their whole life cycle is its transition. Taking the idea of this journey, I used it as an exercise to explore what transition means to me and what I would project my life to be like.    The journey of growing up is actually an exploration of self-discovery. Each of us tries to figure out what we really love in this world and how to be truly unique. To everyone, this self-discovered growth is not optional. It is painful and necessary.  I draw an embryo growing up to be a child, growing up to be a teenager, growing up to be a mature adult, and finally growing up to be old. It's a process that everyone will experience and can relate to.   Throughout this experience of transition in life, we are same and we are also different. When we delve so deeply into our hearts to find what we are, most of time I personally just feel powerless. I feel insignificant - that I am nothing special. So I wipe off my skin to show the muscle, and wipe off the muscle to show the skeleton underneath. This expresses the feeling of powerlessness, which is maybe what life is really all about. We all grow from a tiny seed and go through different transitions throughout our existence but finally, we all terminate at the same destination.   For more information: Foundation Programme Brief Foundation Microsite