EXPOCITY 2020: ARTICULATE PERFORMANCE – The 2016 Dubai AA Visiting SchoolProfile

by Riyad Joucka, Director of AAVS Dubai
8 July 2016 Dubai, UAE   This summer, the Dubai AA Visiting School (AAVSDXB) will investigate novel means of engaging the public within the site of the Expo 2020. The group will elaborate on the methods previously used to perceive form, space and effect within the ephemeral architecture of the event.   [caption id="attachment_6141" align="alignnone" width="360"]Installation using fabric-formed composite sprayed shell, AA Visiting School Dubai 2.0 2015 Installation using fabric-formed composite sprayed shell, AA Visiting School Dubai 2.0 2015[/caption] In response to the Expo's vision of 'Connectivity, Mobility and Sustainability', we will propose an interactive, efficient and innovative enclosure to provide shade, and invigorate the spaces between the pavilions of the Dubai Expo.   In this iteration of the visiting school, we will revisit the analogue and digital techniques used to realise interactive, complex and lightweight tensile membrane structures.   Over the course of AAVSDXB 3.0 we will investigate the simulation of fabric-formed panels into spatial enclosures, as well as the articulation of that form with performative features through investigating novel technologies in computational design, open-source electronics and digital manufacturing.   [caption id="attachment_6146" align="alignnone" width="360"]Installation at Smart Geometry By AAVS Dubai Director Riyad Joucka and Fabio Rebolini, Gothenberg, Sweden 2016 Installation at Smart Geometry By AAVS Dubai Director Riyad Joucka and Fabio Rebolini, Gothenberg, Sweden 2016[/caption] More specifically, we will investigate the micro-computational complexity of tensile fabrics, hybridising those with advanced materials, electronic chips and 3D printed tools for tensioned articulation.   Our goal will be to prototype locally differentiated performance in tensile structures, possibly allowing for an interactive user experience to emerge.   The Dubai workshop will be organised by the unit system that the AA is well known for, with particular emphasis on specialisation and collaboration.
PERFORMANCE AS COMPUTATION (Kangaroo, Custom Goal Scripting in VB , C# And Python) Taught by Zubin Khabbazi (AA, Morphogenesis) This unit will explore computational simulation and non-linear strategies applicable to tensile membranes. A basic understanding of material properties will serve as launch pad to proceed into programming simulations, coupling 3D modelling, material processes and agency in the development of tensile membrane tectonics. The unit will look at several generative software such as Rhino, Grasshopper3D, and Python (Coding) as the main tools for this purpose. This unit will prepare visuals that propose several ways of changing the design system to optimise performance as well as spatial scenarios for the inhabitation of the pavilion on its site. AAVSDXB_Posters2 PERFORMANCE AS MATERIAL Taught by Sean Alqhuist (ICD, AA, Acadia, University of Michigan) This unit will investigate the potential of Form-finding and Simulation for Embedded Textile Behaviours. Based on previous experiments with tensile membranes carried out at AAVSDXB, a major area of development involves the relationship between the characteristics of the membrane and the definition of the semi-rigid boundary to articulate tensile behaviours. This unit will look to blur the distinction between the periphery and the field of tensile structures, by altering material properties within the membrane material itself. Through prototyping with 3d-printing, CNC milling and laser-cutting, we will alter the textile properties, embedding objects and materials within the textile in order to explore new geometries and material assemblies for textile structures.   [caption id="attachment_6144" align="alignnone" width="360"]AAVS Dubai 2.0 Final Exhibition 2015 AAVS Dubai 2.0 Final Exhibition 2015[/caption] PERFORMANCE AS SYSTEMS Taught by Alessandro Zomparelli (Co-De-it, MHOX) From previous experiments with tensile membranes carried out at AAVSDXB,  a major area of development is related to the manufacturing of specific detailed objects for articulation. This unit will contribute to the team by attempting to quantify an analogue process of form-finding, which would allow us to control the form and function of the panels parametrically, certain aspects of the framing and articulation of the panels which must be digitally generated, prototyped and manufactured using 3D Printing, Robotics, CNC milling and Laser cutting.  
PERFORMANCE AS  INTERACTION In recent years, designers have had an unprecedented set of new tools to advance new ideas on different scales. With the immense power of computation, computer chip programming and digital fabrication, we can now envision structures that are not spatially pleasant and performative, but responsive to the user experience as well. The ‘Performance as Interaction’ Unit will look into the use of Arduino as a central brain for sensory interaction. The team will investigate open-source systems as  tools for processing energy and reflecting it as a projective response.The unit will look at using parts of the designed structure to harness energy during the day, and project it through interaction at night. The second unit would deal with Digital Fabrication to design and fabricate details for the GFRP skeleton of the installation.   AAVSDXB-BANNER For more information: AAVSDXB Programme Brief Follow AAVS Dubai on Instagram Visit the AAVS Dubai microsite Like AAVS Dubai on Facebook   Director: Riyad Joucka (AA Emtech, AAVS, MEAN, MEAL) Tutors: Sean Ahlquist (ICD ITKE, AA Emtech) Zubin Khabazi (Craft, AA Emtech, Morphogenesism) Alessandro Zomparelli (Co-De-It, MHOX) Fabrication Manager: Hashem Joucka (IaaC, MEAL) Workshop Coordinator: Maryam Altaf (Green Building Council)