by AA 3rd Years Sofia Pia Belenky and Tobias Hentzer Dausgaard, Editors of DUE
28 February 2017 Architectural Association, London   “Can you make my building taller?” Mr. Trump asked. No, he was told. “Well, can you make the G.M. building shorter?” Mr. Trump marked the G.M. building at his preferred height with a pencil. Mr. Brosterman sawed off the top third, leaving Trump Tower — in the one-thirty-second-scale model, at least — the tallest in the neighborhood. – NY Times (DUE)  

"We're using the same language I use when I lie to him." - Gregory Cartelli

  “Could anyone put a virtual billboard on the front of your house or would they need your permission?” - Geoff Manaugh  

“Truth begins to shift from what once seemed like a pursuit of objectivity towards an economy of shares, likes, retweets and reputation leaving one with the perception of a ‘democratic’ survey.” - Hunter O’Brien Doyle

  "We may confess that some of us already live in the condition of escape, as if there were a homely character in "escape itself". We inhabit escape." - Aristide Antonas  

“Our Sci-fi will become their Wi-fi”. - Vere Van Gool

  “How can the design profession reinvent its discourse around being ‘responsible’? I think this question is at the heart of a feeling of crisis that many architects share.” – Flavien Menu  

“What is traded in finance is an abstraction of the built environment.” - Ryan John King / FOAM DAO

  “How could the so-called crisis be turned into an advantage? How can precarity be seen as an opportunity to develop more freedom? What types of new attitudes could we invent to refresh the architectural practice?” - Maarten Gielen / ROTOR  

“Achieving better environmental outcomes without reducing the economic growth and social equity can be more effectively pursued using technological improvement such as using renewable resources for transport (e.g. electric cars) and buildings (e.g. solar power and ground source heat pumps).” – Marcial Echenique

  “Main symptom is the following: I don’t know how to not think about architecture anymore.” Lera Samovich , FALA Atelier  

“Devious assembly might be dangerous in a piece of furniture, but it can build up to protest or even anarchy at the scale of the street.” - Tamar Shafrir

  “So far, none of this looted material has been found.” - Behemoth Press  

“The future is still plunged in darkness…” Andrea Branzi

  “You must fight something in order to understand it.” Luis Ortega Govela & Olivia Erlanger  

Just do it” – DUE


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