Summer School 2017 – Unit 2 Taught by Bethany Edgoose & Nathan Su, AADipl(Hons)2017
15 August 2017 Architectural Association, London  

Tribalism endures. We find belonging through consumption. Symbols provide identity. Nature and technology converge. The deformity of fashion is grotesquely beautiful. We are all the makers of our own self image. There is no hierarchy of reality between the virtual and the physical. It is in cities today that power structures die. As daily life rushes past, never ceasing, so intense We strive to find ourselves. And everything we see, imagine, or remember, Is the product of fantasy and reality being ever entwined.


These are fragments, of our findings and speculations. They emerged from our travels across the cultural landscape of London; from fish markets to office complexes, industrial wastelands to Chinatown, Soho to Instagram. We see the city as a density of diverse cultural conditions, which we access through hyperlinks; web links, thresholds, media, or transport systems that carry us (near) instantaneously from one realm to another.


Unit 2 has sampled the various tribes, industries, and systems present in London today and used these to spark our thinking about what it means to live in the contemporary city. Using film and animation, the final film that we produced is itself a hyperlink; instantaneously transporting the viewer from reality to reality, each exaggerated for impact and distributed across space and time.

  Credits: Tutors: Bethany Edgoose & Nathan Su Guests: Chong Yan Chuah & James Vinson Students: Anna Korneeva, Arthur Wibisono, Edward (Weihao) Yin, Didem Uyeturk, Ian (Bour-Chiang) Huang, Justeen Tsai, Lakshmi S.P. Rajeswar, Namrata Singh, Neha Prasad, Rohan Parekh, Sejal Kunjeer   For more information:

Summer School 2017 – Now That's What I Call Architecture 2017

Unit 2: Hyperscape Brief

Bethany Edgoose

Nathan Su