Summer School 2016 - Unit 4 Taught by Ana Marti Baron & Clement Blanchet
04 August 2016 Architectural Association, London   This summer, Unit 4 revealed new fantasies through current global issues. Our field of research was an unexpected 100-metre gap which, according to modern GPS tools, appears to be the actual Greenwich Meridian line. It is a new territory to explore, invent and speculate new worlds. Unit 4 considered this new territory of the Greenwich Meridian as its primary laboratory for ideas and actions.   The Unit was structured as a permanent laboratory for discussions. It envisioned architecture as a way of thinking, where we were both explorers and storytellers. We investigated mechanisms of participation, actions and discussions as major tools to generate spatial and urban processes. The methodology was a constant critical point of view: a continuous debate and discussion where nothing was taken for granted.   Unit 4 explored the idea that in order to design for the future you have to understand the past. From historical research into the city of London, we extracted some urban and architectural concepts. These timeless concepts were translated into 2D drawings that were then built into 3D models exploring these spatial, cultural, political and economical contexts.   While our original intention was to create a new territory to engage the past, present and future of London, the result of the Brexit referendum on 24 June 2016 arose as an idea to create 'Brexit City'. To manifest this new territory for Brexit citizens, Unit 4 produced a 1:200 model, 50 centimetres in width by 11 metres in length, a new mixing chamber for ALL.   For more information: Summer School 2016 – London Time Unit 4 - London (Teasing) Time Brief Unit 4 on Summer School 2013 - Unit 3: Unbuild to (Better) Build   Unit 4: Tutors: Ana Marti-Baron & Clement Blanchet Students: Eun Bin Kim, Mariano Cufano, Pontus Chon Yat Lee, Freddy Van Dyck Kospoth, Yifan Xu, Pietro Estrada, Joyce Hui, Jennifer Qiyu Ge, Jacqueline Sze Pui Lam, Nour Al-Amaireh, Jing Yang.