by Sue Barr
27 October 2014 Architectural Association, London  

“Photography deals exquisitely with appearances, but nothing is ever what it appears to be…”

- Duane Michals -

  Photographing at night provokes many challenges and problems for the photographer, primarily because so often the results look completely different to what was originally seen through the viewfinder.   This short, one off workshop will look at the technical challenges of photographing at night – issues with long exposures, colour and white balance and accurate light metering.   But it will also explore how to exploit these ‘problems’ and creatively expand the potential of the photographic image.   Cameras and tripods are available to borrow if necessary.   To reserve a place please telephone : Sue Barr – Photo Studio office – 0207 887 4080   The next sessions will take place on the following dates: 5th November 26th November   * Workshops, talks and events offered by the Media Studies department are open to all students of the AA. They are offered as extras, and are additional opportunities for students across the school to explore the role and potential of various technologies, tools and media. They are intended to be fun and are not a formal requirement for any student.