by Nicholas Masterton, AA 5th Year Diploma Unit 6
26 November 2014 Architectural Association, London  

I was intrigued by the following question: How long would you have to scream to provide the energy to heat up a cup of coffee?


If you make a few assumptions about the person screaming and the beverage involved, then the answer is a year and seven months! I found that timespan to be quite astonishing and revealing about the energy density of hot drinks which we consume every day.  Imagine the duration of a scream that powers your phone, your laptop or even your transportation to work.  The motions that power our daily lives are the result of a multitude of dramatic unseen energy transformations.

My video considers taking the energy in just one sip of coffee and the consequences of releasing that energy into the world around me.   For more information: Nicholas Masterton on Projects Review 2013-14 Diploma 6 Unit Brief Unknown Fields