The launch of SQM: The Quantified Home at the AA http://t.co/4kY5faD5iW

B8iVpUiIYAAeNPu 6:11 PM 29 Jan 15


Dinner with some legends following a great talk about The Culture of Performance & the legacy of Mark Fisher @ the AA http://t.co/SItEoym98N

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ALCOVESby Antonis Papamichael, AADipl2014 Diploma Unit 14


AA Students and Staff: don’t forget to vote in the referendum online or in the bar – today is the last day so please VOTE!

8:18 AM 12 Dec 14

AA EXCHANGEby Tae Hyuk Kim, AA 5th Year Founder of AA eXchange


Flavie Audi discusses her incredibly tactile glass objects in her lecture on Sensual Clarity #whatsnext @flavie_audi http://t.co/YyoB1RSXC5

B3yj1qdIQAABY_z 6:28 PM 01 Dec 14