A summer of global architectural experimentation kicks off on Monday with Kirk Wooller’s ‘Campaigning Architecture’ at 36 Bedford Square.

7:40 AM 20 Jun 13


Sarah W, Mary B, Keller e, Emmanuel P and Elia Z out back on Morwell St. Examiners arriving this evening. http://t.co/OKtxnhN6D5

BM_ZIKxCMAAA3wT 9:01 PM 17 Jun 13


For the next four days, we will be publishing each of the projects that received the AA’s highest award: Diploma Honours

8:20 AM 17 Jun 13


The afternoon session of Day One is starting–this year’s Diploma Committee reviewing 73 5th Year results. http://t.co/ueHqIRHZog

BMkFUqkCIAAHbmB 1:45 PM 12 Jun 13


Here’s the Diploma tutors at lunch gaining strength for the afternoon tables. Very meaty up on the 2nd floor. http://t.co/jxobwbTCYR

BMkE3xjCQAE0pSH 1:43 PM 12 Jun 13


The morning panels are wrapping up–Carlos Kostas Cristina Barbara & Enric deliberating Dip10 results– http://t.co/SlYQtuktEh

BMkEd62CMAA2fcL 1:41 PM 12 Jun 13


Stefania’s containers on the open seas of the Meditteranean–mapping a new sovereignty. http://t.co/y7imG0QX3U

BMjq5i_CAAA_IIT 11:50 AM 12 Jun 13


Luke in Dipl 1 presenting his 60kmnsound temple for Manhattan (low hum in the background). http://t.co/oPcNbBxttR

BMjqDFfCEAA15QU 11:46 AM 12 Jun 13


We’re underway–five tables, two dozen unit tutors, and seventy-three fifth year students (and folios), today tmmrw. http://t.co/u8hMX2dbFF

BMjZI9ICYAA5BKR 10:32 AM 12 Jun 13


Inter 2’s third year final tables http://t.co/JbohRfM9ln

BMe_Ox9CcAA3Wo9 2:00 PM 11 Jun 13