by +1, Intermediate Unit 10
20 May 2013 The Rooftop of 33 Bedford Square, London   (+1) Plus one. The addition of one thing to another. Simple.   It sounds innocuous enough, alluring even, for its casual and concise simplicity. The fundamental notion and understanding of the plus one is, on the face of it, a trifling and relatively inert subject for discussion.   Architecture, (+1). Plus one, Architecture. The plot thickens.   Inter 10 is dictated and governed by the notion of the architectural (+1). Throughout the course of the academic year, the projects centre around the plus one in its urban architectural context, its relevance to London, and even closer to home, the Architectural Association itself. When the unit was established at the start of the academic year, permission had been granted by the school for the students to develop a design to be constructed atop the currently inaccessible and barren rooftop at the rear of No.33 Bedford Square. This design was to be the ultimate aim and focus of our collective and individual endeavours over the three terms, and the physical manifestation of our united understanding of the plus one in its architectural situation. Going out on a limb, Inter 10 practices what it preaches. Designed by students, built by students; a tribute to the founding principles of the school itself.   So, what is the plus one, now that we have it in it’s intriguing architectural place? What does it really mean to London’s urban setting, and to us, the designers of the additive landscape, of the AA and on into the wider world?   For the time being, we are scratching our heads.   As such, this video, produced for the AA Open Jury in February, is intended not to be a reflection on completed works and polished products, but a glimpse into the thoughts and philosophies circulating within the unit at the start of a term in which each student was just beginning to scratch the surface of their own conception and formulation of the (+1) within the wider context of London.   For more information: Inter 10 Programme Brief   Video by Intermediate Unit 10 for the Term 2 Open Jury Text by Rory Sherlock, AA 2nd Year