by Kyung Kuk Kang, AA Foundation
03 June 2013 Architectural Association, London   The final project in Foundation allows us to combine all the skills and knowledge obtained throughout the year. Inspired by the tensile structures that I built in Hooke Park, I was intrigued by how the curved forms were defined by the distances in between the trees. This led me to investigate how space can be deformed by one’s actions. This reminded me of the tree bark model I produced back in the Export/Import project from Term 1, where I illustrated the movement of insects on resin by crumpling a sheet of scored paper covered in light-reflective paint. I improved the old model by switching the rectangular shape to a circle to get more flexibility while scoring so that lines can come from any direction. I wanted to find a new way of activating the crease and this led me to build a 1:1 scale platform where people’s weights become the source of the force. As people step on the platform, they are confronted with an unexpected topography of rising slopes and falling valleys as a reaction to the movements they make.   For more information: Foundation Programme Brief Foundation Microsite