Summer School 2016 - Unit 2 Taught by Arantza Ozaeta Cortázar and Álvaro Martín Fidalgo
02 August 2016 Architectural Association, London   [1] The city of London can be considered as the world’s largest urban forest with 8 million trees. Green space in Central London covers 47% of its area, inhabited by more than 13,000 species -including humans.   [2] London is constantly reshaped by new waves and the changing tides of human migrants. Together with the 8.6 million people that inhabit London, we found 7.7 million of in-transit citizens that consider the city as a valuable pit stop.   What if the green urban spaces in London are not blank sites anymore, and migratory routes of in-transit citizens expand fluidly toward/through them?   Unit 2 proposes a brave appropriation of the London Green and Wildlife Continuum [1. SUBLIME OASIS] as a potential habitat for contemporary and connective migrant citizens [2. LONDONERS IN-TRANSIT]   WWW.SUBLIMEOASISINTRANSIT.COM is an online interactive documentary: an interface that provides an in-depth tour through the work produced by Unit 2 during the Summer School 2016 at the Architectural Association, London.   This site is an academic collective construction in the way of a complex system of individual events that are 'infrastructurally' assembled; pursuing that hypermedia transgresses the logical boundaries of the physical space/time/frame. This Hyper-Diorama is a visual masterpiece between the fictional and the distilled real fragments of our cabinets (research); an artificial landscape where fiction and collection collide. Horizon and scale are multiplied entities, manipulating the frame and disrupting the linear sequence.   By including texts, images and even videos, this Hyper-Media tool establishes a systematical and interconnected articulation of the projective and architectural moments developed during the course, together with an encyclopaedic collection of (extraordinary) data that attempts to tell stories about the wonders and oddities of the (selected) world. This is both an operative and accumulative tool, an ideological as well as technical construction.   For more information:

AASS2016 Unit 2: Sublime Oasis In-transit

Summer School 2016 - London Time

Unit 2: Sublime Oasis In-transit Brief

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  Unit 2:

Unit Tutors: Arantza Ozaeta, Alvaro Martin Fidalgo

Unit Students: Carlos Diaz del Rio, Charles Howie Senjaya, Carolina Carvalho Baptista, Cristina Asla Ortiz De Latierro, Joonmo Ai, Maria Cabanelas Castelo, Malene Vinther, Mu Ze Li, Misato Ehara, Ojas Kumar, Steven Joshua Gunawan, Su Li, Vanya Jai

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Thanks to: Ignacio González Galán (igg, After Belonging Agency), Caroline Ware (Natural History Museum & Wildlife Garden), Florin Fenery (Natural History Museum & Centre for UK Biodiversity), Jeffrey Ludlow (2x4 Madrid).