by Zhan Wang, AADipl2014
07 November 2014 Architectural Association, London   The drawing illustrates the main axis of the Lunar Economic Zone, from the ten thousand metre tall space elevator to the mega ships of world’s largest mineral port. It is the principal route of the parade to celebrate the first consignment of lunar minerals touching down on earth. It sets the overall scale of the propaganda city the project sits within. This is a city image of an aspirational technotopia built from China’s ambition in lunar mineral extraction feeding the worlds desire for cheaper, faster, smaller technologies. It is also a caricature of itself that evokes the West’s fear of China’s rare earth monopoly and their emergence as a world superpower.   As the project is a speculation of the future based on two current issues, the Blueprint publication allows the debate over these issues to be communicated to a wider audience, and of course it’s such an honour to be recognised by an industry leading magazine.   For more information: Zhan Wang on Projects Review 2014 Diploma 6 Unit Brief Universal Assembly Unit Universal Assembly Unit lecture at the AA Blueprint: The best graduate work of 2014