by Catarina Sampaio Cruz, AA 5th Year Diploma Unit 9
12 May 2015 Architectural Association, London   The Architectural Edit   Today we consume architecture via images that have been enhanced and distorted to create a perfection that seems unattainable. These images are mere flat fictions that do not convey the spatial complexities of the world around us.   This project takes on the space of image production – the factory, as a point of departure. This factory operates as the Architectural object and produces its own image – an Architectural Selfie.   The TS provided me with a platform to explore the idea of editing and enhancing architecture in the real world. Just like a real-life Photoshop.   I thought of the first thing we do when we edit an image and that is to erase what we don’t like or what doesn’t belong in that context. So the TS launched a focused research on cloaking devices that could potentially erase structural elements through the basic principles of optical illusion.   I see this research as a conceptual gesture towards a digital architecture that can be experienced and not just looked at.   For more information: Diploma 9 Unit Brief Diploma 9 microsite List of TS High Passes 2015