by Zsuzsa Peter, AA 5th Year Diploma Unit 5
17 May 2018 Architectural Association, London  

C24: A field of crepuscule


C24 is a primordial landscape for living together, a permanent home for a community of 100 in voluntary retreat, where through qualities of light the natural, circadian rhythms of the body are recovered as a form of collective resistance against and freedom from the pervasive technological exploitation and control in our everyday lives.


As a landscape of light and darkness, the TS provided the opportunity to develop the proposal from formal, material or structural aspects as different levels and possibilities of light modulation.


Various zones, areas and geometries corresponding to maps of brightness and shading are created by optical lattices formed by a multiplicity of specular surfaces, as an enlarged crystalline structure positioned to orient, gather, diffuse and deflect the natural light. The building then becomes a highly calibrated atmosphere, an environment of a luminous spectrum, from the brightest light to the darkest shade.


Receiving this recognition for the work that could not have been developed without the help and guidance of both my TS and Unit tutors is not only an honour but also an encouragement to pursue these interests further.

  For more information: Diploma 5 Unit Brief List of Technical Studies High Pass Recipients 2018 Technical Studies at the AA