ZAHA HADID 1950–2016 Excerpt

by Brett Steele, Director of the Architectural Association
ZAHA HADID 1950–2016
Zaha Hadid 2002 @ the AA Image credit: Valerie Bennett
01 April 2016 London, UK  

Zaha: No architect in the world had the effect you did on AA students, graduates, colleagues or other architects. Here, there, or anywhere. You always knew this was your greatest talent amongst so many others: the ability to change other architectural minds in a time when that grows increasingly improbable.

  Amazingly, for a person filled with unswerving opinion, this was also one of the very few things you never commented upon, uttered a word about, or hinted an explanation for.   You lit rooms, presentations, and conversations in a thousand different ways, as if they were one of your paintings. You wrote lightning-speed late-night text messages as if they were miniature, instantaneous 21st century manifestos.   Everyone everywhere today is remembering you this first day of April, this first day after you, by sharing pictures, posting stories, uploading links, adding comments, trading memories, reminding each other of you with versions of your buildings, and your drawings, and your paintings, and your words. Which no one else could have imagined, let alone could have made. Like you did, with such ease. Thank you.   You always knew your architecture was planetary from the start. Thanks for having the patience to let architecture catch up. It will hurt not having you in the future you always cared so much about. We all will love you the way you loved architecture - in that future. Your future. Forever, Brett   Brett Steele Director, AA School